We had a great experience working with Erika and the artist team at The Libella Project. The designs were completed in a collaborative way and we were able to incorporate our school colours, school mascot and The Umbrella Project themes into the art instalments. The artists were very respectful of our student spaces and all work was completed outside of school hours to avoid disrupting the students. Each day the staff and students were excited to see the new developments and still get excited when they see the artwork! Thanks Erika and the Libella Project team for the great work you are doing!

- Carla Santomero, Principal of St. Paul Catholic School


"Working with Erika and The Libella Project was an amazing experience, right from the get-go!  Erika and her artists worked with our ideas to create some incredible artwork in all 4 of our student bathrooms which promotes positive self-esteem and good decision-making.  Staff, students and parents alike are so enthusiastic about yet another way to encourage kids to feel good about themselves.  Thank you, Erika and Alannah (artist)!"

- Jodie Meyer Principal of Westvale Public School


"Libella's designs brightened our school's washrooms! Their inspirational messages were so beautifully painted and were a source of welcome and joy for students and adults"

- Trish Dynes principal of Oak Ridges P.S.


"We have been so thrilled by the artwork and impact of Erika's Libella project at St. John's Catholic Elementsry School. The students, staff and parents absolutely love the positive messages. We feel like the washroom is a place where a student might go during class if they are down or need a couple of minutes to themselves; the great messages that greet them on the walls are sure to brighten their spirit! We were one of the first schools on board with the project and I was very happy to share the info and opportunity with my colleagues at other schools."

- Paul Gladding, principal of St. John's Catholic Elementary School


"I fully endorse and support any attempts at ensuring our students' well-being; The Libella Project is an innovative and fun way to promote compassion to self and others through beautiful art and positive messages in the school washrooms. Let’s work on getting this to all our schools - and not just the student washrooms!"

- Sara Jamil, School Council member at Oak Ridges P.S.


What do you think of the washroom paintings?

"It has such an important message"

How do you feel about the Libella project in your school?

"It represents us and has inspirational words on it"

What painting did you like and why?

"The paw prints because we are the wildcats"

Whats your favourite painting?

"The painting connecting the dryers (clouds) and the rainbows but it is very cute, creative and smart"

How do you feel about the quotes?

"Reading quotes like this can brighten your day"

Whats your favourite quote?

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out"